Day 68 – Did a rat photoshoot

This is a new thing that wasn’t on my list but was one of those golden opportunities that were too good to pass. I have a lovely friend who has kept rats for a number of years. Although I was initially a bit hesitant to meet them, they won me over, with their little feet and soft fur. Rats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know – my mum in particular shudders at the thought of them (hi mum, you might not want to read this one!), but they’re full of personality and fascinating to be around. Plus, they’re super cute!

When discussing my new things challenge with my friend, she suggested doing a photoshoot for the rats: she had just got three new ones and didn’t have any photos yet. I eagerly accepted, not fully sure what I was going to be in for…

The fun thing about rats is that they’re fast and unpredictable, which is, of course, a winning combination when you’re trying to take pictures of them! The oldest rat was a bit more placid and used to having a camera around, but the youngest three were so difficult to get a photo of. They were, understandably, curious about this new situation and looked so cute, but they were just so quick! Having kept rats for years, my friend was well aware that this would happen and thoroughly enjoyed watching me contort myself to try and get just one picture in focus.

Rat on top of camera
My furry assistant

I’ve had a quick look through the results (which as they’re for my friend, I won’t post here), and I’m pleased I actually managed to get some half-decent shots. I think after a bit more time learning the ins and outs of my camera, specifically the sports setting, I’d be willing to have another go. It was so much fun, the rats were really cute and silly, and it was certainly an experience taking pictures whilst having a rat sat on me. A great one to tick off!

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