Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

A while ago I saw a video of Paul Rudd breaking an apple in half with his hands and thought that looked impossible. Then I saw a Youtube video last week where somebody did the same thing and realised there were normal people all over the internet doing it and making it look easy to boot. So, I thought why not join in, prove my strength to my blog readers, and tick off something new at the same time.

From watching the videos I saw that there were several different methods to halve an apple with your hands, but the most popular and successful (or so I thought) was where you put the fleshy part of your thumbs over the top of the apple, apply pressure to the bottom with your fingertips, and rip it open like a book. The full method I attempted to follow is here.

Intrigued after seeing a variety of different sized apples in the kitchen, my husband decided to join in on the challenge. After reading that 12 year-olds can do it, both of us were convinced we would be able to do it with a little amount of effort.

How strong are these 12 year-olds?!

This was absolutely one of the hardest challenges so far – we tried for a good hour to no avail. I tried all the different techniques I could find: I even tried one style where you place a finger on top of the apple and then bash it with your other hand. It did not go well…

I have to be honest, this was so frustrating and infuriating – I never want to look at an apple again! Except I do. I’m so determined to do it, convinced the apple is wrong not me, that every time I walk past a different apple I have to try. I’m writing this a few days after and I still haven’t done it. I’m even more frustrated after learning some of my friends and family can do it without batting an eye-lid! What am I doing wrong?!

Admittedly this was fun. At first. I encourage you to give it a go, but please, don’t let me know if you did it – I don’t think I could take it! So much for showing off my strength!

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