Day 63 – Wrote a Haiku

Haikus were brand new to me before this challenge. I was vaguely aware that they were short poems with specific rules, but I’d never seen or read one before. When I learned that they were only three lines long, and normally nature related, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park. Then, reading further, I discovered the ‘specific rules’ – the haiku must have three lines, with the first one consisting of five syllables, the second, seven, and the third, five.

My first few attempts either accidently rhymed, or included too many syllables. This was no way as easy as I originally thought it would be. I also had apparantly totally disregarded the nature element from the traditional haiku. Although I initially struggled to get one fitting the haiku structure, I actually had a great time trying to think of some. Because they are so deceptively simple it was easy to start with an opening line, and then see where it developed (or not) thereafter.

One attempt before I remembered the nature theme
The winner!

Although I don’t think I’ll be writing haikus again, I’m glad I had a go – it’s something i definitely wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

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