Day 59 – Learnt the alphabet backwards

This fun one has been on my list for a while, and after what seems like one of the longest weeks on record, I wanted a quick, silly one to finish the week on a high.

I have to admit, there is no great reasoning behind this one – I don’t drive, so it’s never going to come in useful if I get stopped and have to prove my sobriety – it just seemed like one of those brilliant, useless skills that you can pull out of your hat at parties.

And so, I took to Google, where I first found this lovely woman with a fun little way of learning the alphabet backwards.

This is a great little trick!

I loved this idea, but I actually wanted to learn the letters, not just have it sound like I learned them. This led me to a place I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves at some point – Wikihow.

Using this Wikihow tutorial I found the great tip of grouping the letters together, and learning them in chunks rather than altogether.

The alphabet written backwards on a piece of paper

This absolutely worked wonders for me, and within ten minutes of learning the sections bit by bit, I was able to recite it fully! Ok, I stumbled a bit here and there, but honestly it was so satisfying the first time I made it all the way through.

Now I have my perfect useless skill, I’m only waiting for the next party invite to show it off.

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