Day 58 – Ate pizza in the snow

Now I’m two months into my new things challenge, I’m good at planning out each week what to do. With that being said, on days where I have a lot of plans, I try and leave a bit of free time for spontaneity. Sometimes I hit gold, and sometimes I eat pizza in the snow.

Frankfurt received a surprisingly heavy snowstorm at coincidentally the same time I was walking to meet a friend in the city.

Hannah in snow, smiling with thumbs up.
It was all smiles at the top of the hill, not so much when I got to the bottom, resembling a shivering snowman.

With wet boots and freezing fingers, we went to a great, cheap, little pizza place (Pizzeria Bello 7 for any Frankfurters reading) and tried to plot something new to do whilst watching the snow from the blissfully warm restaurant. How we got from that cosy picture to eating pizza in the snow, I’m still not sure, but that’s the beauty of snow – it makes you a little loopy.

Hannah and her friend eating pizzza in the snow.
Keeping it glamorous.

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