Day 54 – Went ice skating

Ice skating was one of the early additions to my list. Full disclosure, I have been before, but only on synthetic ice, never on the real, frozen deal. So when my friend invited us to go with her husband and little girl, I jumped at the chance.

The ice skating rink in Frankfurt is where we saw the ice hockey a few weeks ago, but what I didn’t realise is that they also have an outside rink. Our friend’s little girl was quite excited about going on this, and I have to admit, it looked really cool, but as we were all relative beginners and there were no barriers to hold on to, we gave it a wide berth.

Heading to the safety of the indoor ice rink, complete with barriers of course, we encountered our first issue before we even made it to the ice – how to walk with the flipping ice skates on. Seriously, this felt so weird, like I was walking on a weird tightrope. I don’t know how people made it look so easy! I soon got used to the feeling when we made it to the ice.

Woman on an ice rink, holding on to the  side and waving.
So confident, clinging on to the side

Oh god, it was so hard. For the first two laps, I daren’t let go of the side. Whilst everybody else skated off, our friend’s little girl doing spins and all sorts, I slowly, so painfully slowly, built up a bit more confident and started to let go more and more.

Woman on ice rink
What a natural

I never managed a full lap without holding on, despite my little coach’s best efforts of tough love (“No touching the sides Hannah!”), but I was close. We were there around two hours before quite literally being kicked off the ice by an over-zealous worker. I was exhausted but ecstatic – I’d had so much fun, felt a bit more graceful than I looked, and to absolutely everybody’s surprise, didn’t fall over. I’ll definitely be going back, maybe next time I’ll make it outside…

Woman on ice rink, smiling and giving the peace signs.
Happy face!

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