Day 52 – Tried a chocolate cafe

Following on from yesterday’s cupcake cafe success, I met a friend in the city and suggested we go to a cafe that I walk past all the time, but have never been in. It’s always so busy, and is on the same street, just a little further down, from Iimori – a Japanese Patisserie with incredible cakes, and Margarete – my favourite cafe in the city. Tough competition.

Bitter & Zart is part chocolatier, part cafe: a beautiful combination that my friend and I intended to take full advantage of.

There was a small wait for a table, which I always take as a good sign, and sure enough, When we entered we could hear the gentle hum of cafe-goers from behind a heavy, luxurious curtain, expecting it to be busy. Sure enough, there was a small wait for a table: always a good sign in my opinion.

A turquoise and raspberry, busy cafe interior.
I loved the colour palette inside

Although they are mainly a sweet-treats cafe, they do have some savoury dishes such as quiche too. We had a clear goal however, and immediately ordered a selection of 6 chocolates to share.

A hot chocolate in the background. In the foreground a two-tiered selection of six, hand-made chocolates.
The presentation made it that extra bit special.

I can’t remember what they all were, but the ones I tried included a surprisingly delicious mango flavoured one, and an utterly divine salted caramel one. It felt so special and decadent to eat chocolates this way – we both loved it. The atmosphere was so cosy and intimate, we ended up staying for quite a while and seeing cake after cake pass by our table, my friend decided it was high time to try one out.

A counter filled with many different types of cakes.
The cake selection at 6pm. I can only imagine there were more throughout the day.
A large cake on a white plate.
My friend’s amazing looking passion-fruit cake.

The cake got two very enthusiastic thumbs up from my friend, and from observing some other visitors there seemed to be many other satisfied faces.

Unfortunately, we stayed so long in the cafe that we ran out of time to look in the chocolate shop, but we will definitely check it out next time. Although it was a bit more expensive than our normal haunts, it was more than worth it as an indulgent treat.

It felt really good to finally visit this beautiful cafe, and next time I walk down this street I’ll definitely go that extra bit further to try the amazing chocolates again.

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