Day 51 – Tried a cupcake cafe

Today’s new thing was not entirely unknown to me, but it was unusual for me to share it with my husband. I often visit cafes for tea and cakes with my friends, but it’s very rare I go with James. Today he had a day off, so in the quest for something new I decided to try a cupcake cafe in Frankfurt that had caught my eye.

I didn’t actually realise until I entered the cafe that I had tried the cupcakes before. The company, We Love Cupcakes, often have a stall at Frankfurt’s numerous festivals, most notably during the famous Christmas market. I have sampled their wares on a few occasions and been delighted with the results. So upon entering the cafe I was a confusing mix of happy and disappointed: happy to know I was in for a delicious experience, disappointed that it wasn’t entirely new. But, I’d never been to the cafe so I’m still taking it!

Cafe with pink walls, and white furniture. Decal with 'We Love cupcakes' written on the wall.
The lovely interior

Although quiet, the cafe felt lovely and inviting. With soft pink walls, jaunty French music, and friendly staff, I had a great impression as soon as I walked in. One feature I really liked, that you can see in the picture above, was a large picture frame filled with artificial roses. It looked so romantic and feminine, it really fit the vibe of the cafe.

Now, for the main event…

The most delicious coconut and chocolate
James’s choice – peanut butter and jelly

The cupcakes were so light and fluffy, and with a decent-but-not-over-powering amount of icing on top. I really loved my coconut one, but James’s peanut butter and jelly was a bit too sweet for my liking.

I loved our afternoon in the cupcake cafe, and am happy to fully commit to discovering all the delicious cafes and cakes Frankfurt has to offer.

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