Day 50 – Chinese characters

Like yesterday, I’m still full of cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Wanting to stick to the challenge I needed something quick and easy to do, so I looked through my list and saw that my good friend Vikki had suggested learning how to write a word in Chinese. Perfect!

I chose the word ‘happy’ for no deeper reason than it’s a nice word to know. I know there are thousands and thousands of characters, so I wasn’t surprised when I found a few different variations of ‘happy’. I decided to try a few different ones.

I gave it a shot!

As you can see, I kind of got a bit distracted and tried writing a few more characters. I fell into a bit of a Youtube hole and actually ended up watching how to sing ‘happy birthday’ in Chinese. I have no idea why: nobody I know has a birthday soon, let alone anybody Chinese. Thank goodness my battery died at that point, otherwise I’d be there all night.

This was an interesting exercise, that got me out of my language-learning comfort zone. I don’t think I’ll take up learning Chinese any time soon, but it was nice to explore some of the different characters.

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