Day 48 – Learned to juggle

I had an absolute blast learning to juggle. After making my juggling bean bags the other day I was ready and raring to get going, hoping that I could run away and join circus by the end of the day.

Three colourful juggling bean bags, filled with white beans.
My juggling bean bags, full of dried beans.

Ok, so I was maybe a bit optimistic. I thought I knew how to juggle with two balls, and adding a third wouldn’t be too much harder – after viewing this really helpful video I realised I didn’t even know how to juggle with one ball. The circus was going to have to wait.

I practised for roughly an hour before I attempted to use three bean bags. I’m so glad I made the bean bags as they just stayed where they are when I dropped them. I couldn’t imagine having the same amount of patience chasing after juggling balls all afternoon.

Using three was a lot more challenging. Waiting until one ball was at the top of the arch before throwing the next was a lot easier with two – sometimes I just didn’t have the coordination or confidence to let go of that third one! Eventually though, I began to get a feel for it, until I unbelievably, actually, managed to juggle with three bean bags. I couldn’t believe it! The circus was back on the cards!

A quick timelapse of me learning!

I had such good fun learning to juggle and managed to amaze myself when I realised I was getting better. What I thought would be a fun thing to have a go at, turned into something that I have already practised multiple times in the 24 hours since doing it. I genuinely didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I’m determined to keep practising and nail those throws!

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