Day 45 – Made juggling balls

This one is at simple as it sounds. I have “learn juggling” on my list and really want to try it, but I don’t own any juggling balls. What I do have, however, is a drawer full of random sewing supplies – including a pack full of fabric squares. An idea was forming…

So, on a rainy afternoon, sat next to my hairy companion (our friend’s dog Sascha, not James!), and with the help from this lovely website, I started to make my own juggling balls.

Sewing kit, white thread, green and red fabric squares.

I love the idea of sewing, and despite having all the gear to hand-sew, I’m very much a beginner. I successfully stitched up a hole in a much-beloved dress last year, feeling very satisified with myself, but I’ve not progressed much beyond that. This was really a perfect project for me: relatively simple, using materials I already had, and something that will be useful.

Three hand-made, colourful, juggling bean bags.
After: my lovely, colourful, project.

I struggled a bit doing a slip stitch so improvised a little to close the bags, and I added some dried beans instead of the plastic beads suggested in the website, but honestly, they turned out great. They feel a nice decent weight, and the stitching feels secure. I really enjoyed making them, building up some sewing confidence, and creating something for a future new thing.

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