Day 44 – Ein wichtiger Brief

A few new things ago I wrote a letter to a sick child using Post Pals, and I mentioned my post mad nephew. I’ve written to him a few times over his four years, but none recently, and none in German.

My nephew doesn’t know any German, neither does my sister or her partner, so admittedly this is a bit of a random one, but hopefully, he’ll find it a bit exciting and it will definitely be something new for him too.

The quality of my German comes and goes. I spent a good few years learning the language here, and I do have a high-level of understanding that comes from living in a place for 7 years, but as time has gone on both my spoken and written German has suffered. The phrase “use it or lose it” springs to mind. I am slowly getting back to it though: I speak regularly with a Tandem partner and read and watch more German media. I feel a bit more confident with the language so I thought why not practice my written skills on someone who doesn’t understand German, and can’t even read! Jokes aside, I think it’s a really nice thing to be able to introduce my nephew to a new language and culture.

As for the actual letter, I forgot to take a picture of it before I sealed the envelope. Needless to say, it was full of my adventures this week with my dog friend, looking for dinosaurs in the forest, and pirates with treasure. Quality nephew content. I decorated it with dinosaur stickers and made sure to include a translation for my sister too.

An envelope with a rainbow on, decorated in dinosaur stickers.
I decorated it with dinosaur stickers and made sure to include a translation for my sister too.

I really enjoyed writing the letter, and it forced me to look up some new words in German that I didn’t know. Practising writing by doing something fun is a great way of learning, and I know my nephew is going to love it, regardless of what it says. Thank you for the suggestion Heather, it’s an absolute winner!

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