Day 43 – Chubby Bunny

I wonder what you’re thinking today’s new thing is from that title. If you’re anything like me, you won’t have a clue what Chubby Bunny means. It was only when my lovely friend Amy suggested it for my list that I became aware of this silly and fun game. A game where you challenge each other to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth, say chubby bunny after each one placed until you have so many in your mouth you can no longer say it, or in my case, nearly spit them out from laughing so hard.

My aim was to play this on Facetime with my sister, but for various reasons, she’d run out of time to join in. So James, my knight in shining armour and unfortunately for him, a hater of marshmallows, gallantly swooped in to save the day.

Before the carnage

We had a few different goes as the first time we only managed a measly 3 before crying laughing at each other and having to spit them out before choking. The next few times ended similarly, almost as soon as I looked at James we’d burst out laughing, so I turned my back to him and managed a fair 7. I felt sorry for him trying it even though he hated marshmallows, so we stopped playing Chubby Bunny and instead, I decided to see if I could break the world record of fitting more than 44 in my mouth. I could not. I managed 19, not too bad! Yes there is photographic evidence, but I’ve chosen to spare the internet from that trauma.

Pretty much what I looked like.

This was such good, silly, fun – we were absolutely in stitches at each other trying to mumble Chubby Bunny without marshmallows flying out of our mouth. I highly recommend it, just maybe watch out with young kids – I was terrified of choking.

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