Day 42 – Crochet a hat

Although my knitting has never taken off (as documented here) I really enjoy crocheting. I’ve made some cute amigurumi animals, colourful scarves, and most recently, a big cosy blanket for my sister as a Christmas present. So today I thought I’ll crochet something I’ve never made before – a nice, woolly, hat.

I found a pattern on this lovely website, and admittedly only partly paid attention to how much and what type of wool I need. I have a big drawer full of spare balls of wool, so I picked a nice thick, chunky one out, and confidently started following the pattern. Well, I might let the pictures explain the rest.


As you can see, something went very wrong! To be honest, I realised I wouldn’t have enough wool so far through the pattern, but I thought I’d continue anyway so that I could actually finish it. I also made it a bit too large. As I have a big head (don’t say anything!) I thought I would add a few extra stitches, but it seems I made it even too big for my large bonce.

I really bell laughed when I realised how it looked – it’s absolutely ridiculous. It did cross my mind to try something else and complete the hat another day, but I thought that’s not what this is about. I want to try new things every day, regardless of if I’m successful or not. I know I can make this hat successfully, and I will try it again, but I still had a lot of fun attempting it today.

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