Day 40 – Painting

I was surprised to love doing today’s challenge. I would usually describe myself as creative, but when I look at the creative things I can do well, such as crochet or baking, I’m nearly always following instructions of some kind. I’ve already learned during this challenge that I can go off-book and create something to be proud of – I’m really pleased with my dog model, and I’ve made my ‘freestyle’ bread a few times since trying it – but when it comes to painting a picture, I was positive it wouldn’t turn out.

Like a lot of people, I haven’t painted anything since school, where I was often told my efforts could be better. I don’t think it bothered me at the time, but the fact that I’ve not attempted painting anything since probably speaks volumes. James really enjoyed painting with his friend a few weeks ago, wanting to try it again. A few days after this I came across some cheap painting supplies in a discount shop, so I scooped them up and vowed to give it a go.

Before (all of this only cost me a little more than €10!)

I was limited by the colours that I had picked up and came to the table with no real idea of how to start. My hand was forced when I opened the green tube, and it went all over my blank canvas. I’d begun in the most Hannah way possible.


I actually delighted with how my mistake/happy accident turned out. I found it very freeing to go with my instincts and just create whatever I felt like. The biggest issue was knowing when to stop: wondering whether to add a little bit here and a dab there or leave it be. In the end, I realised you can’t improve on a masterpiece.

I enjoyed painting so much and didn’t want to stop. So I thought I’d update my little dog model too.

So cute

I would never have tried painting if I hadn’t begun this challenge, and it makes me really grateful that I embarked on this adventure in the first place. I didn’t expect to discover so many new, and unexpected things that I’ve loved already. It’s not been a bad way to spend my year so far.

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