Day 39 – Early riser

Today’s new thing was over by 7:15am. Getting it done so early was actually quite confusing, and I was left a few times throughout the day with the feeling that I still had to complete something.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m looking after my friend’s dog Sascha this week. So as she is an early riser, and I most certainly am not, I chose today to cross off spending the first ten minutes of the day outside from my list.

Sascha’s owners tell me that 7am is quite late for her to wake up, I’m grateful she blessed me with her lie-in, but it’s fairly early for me: I wasn’t exactly jumping out of bed. However, once I stepped outside into the bracing wind, I was instantly awake.

Early morning sunshine

The sun had just started to peek over the horizon, and there wasn’t another soul around – it was just us and the birds. The birds sang their morning songs and I took a deep breath of fresh air, and it felt good, really good. I found it very peaceful and calming despite the temperature, and I had to concede that it wasn’t a bad way to start the day after all. With that being said, I can’t see me doing it anytime soon once Sascha leaves – staying in bed will always win this fight.

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