Day 36 – An important letter

I’m not going to lie, I started this challenge and the list for purely selfish reasons: a way to bring a little daily joy and adventure into my life, after a tough year. Not a bad thing by any means, but I was becoming a little conscious when looking through that I didn’t have much on there that might benefit others as well. Yes, complimenting strangers is a really nice thing to do, but I want to strive for more.

With that focus in mind, today’s new thing came after discovering a website called Post Pals – a charity who organises the sending and receiving of letters, cards, and gifts, to sick children in the UK. I found the idea of writing a letter and bringing some joy to an ill child’s life so simple and gratifying (I know my four-year-old nephew gets very excited if he thinks some post is for him), I had to participate.

The website isn’t an easy read – there are some really sick children with some very real problems on there – but by going through the list of possible recipients, I knew this small act would hopefully make a big difference.

I had some bright, rainbow writing paper already thanks to my aforementioned post-mad nephew, so I thought this was perfect to use. Making the decision of which child to pick was a horrible one, and looking through I instantly knew I’d be sending more than one letter.

For my first letter I chose a young boy who was mad on Marvel and DC, so I found some superhero-themed jokes online, and wrote them all along the rainbow lines. Thinking of what to write was hard, but there is a guide on the website to help you out. Within 15 minutes my letter was written, and I was amazed at what a simple and easy way it was to positively affect someone’s day. I think this is such a wonderful idea, and if you’re interested I really encourage you to check out Post Pals. I’ve already started on letter number two!

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