Day 35 – Cross-stitch

I didn’t plan on doing cross-stitch today, I had decided on writing a letter (which I’ll now do tomorrow). However, in preparation for another new thing later in the week, I had to visit the craft shop to pick up one thing. This was impossible! Everything in there looks like a good opportunity to try something – I’m sure the cashiers were rubbing their hands with glee when I entered. Of course I didn’t come out with the thing I went in for, so I’m going to have to repeat the crafting gauntlet again during the week.

Cross-stitch is something I’ve been meaning to try for quite a while so it was on my list, but I didn’t have any immediate plans for it. That was until I found a cross-stitch calendar that looked relatively easy and some colourful threads.

This was on card rather than the normal fabric.

My early confidence faded fast. I started this at 8pm, by 9pm I had still not threaded a needle, and my 9.30 it looked like this –

I’m glad I used January as practice.

After an emergency message to a crafty friend, she told me to use one thread but knot it together once I’d threaded it through the needle. This was an absolute revelation to me! Previously I’d been getting tangled up with one long bit of thread, bits of it wafting about everywhere. Now, I was in control of the thread (rather than vice versa) and it was actually quite pleasurable and relaxing to continue. Not something I expected to be saying an hour before.

I managed some!

Although it was frustrating at first, I’m still glad I picked it up and tried it. I’ll definitely continue with the rest of it, at this rate though it might have to be a calendar for next year instead.

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