Day 34 – Nailed it

Today’s new thing is so simple, it’s hard to believe I’ve not done it before. During my lightbulb changing adventure a few weeks ago, I realised that I automatically default to traditional roles when working on the house: my husband has done everything up until now. As a proud feminist, this was quite a sobering thought. I’m the daughter of a carpenter, growing up around hammers, drills, and nails, and I’m the one who came to the relationship with more practical skills, yet I’ve instinctively let him do all the D.I.Y. Frustrated with myself, and desperate to win back my feminist credentials, today I planned to hang a picture. I told you it was simple.

When I travel I like to bring back a picture or painting from the place I’ve been, so I can look back on it with fond memories later. My entrance hall has been the perfect place to put them as it’s all plain walls with little space for other furnishings – it’s crying out for some colour. I’ve collected a few paintings over the past few years and curated my own travel gallery, but I still have a fair few to put up. So today was the perfect opportunity to cross something off my list, make some home improvements, and become a more independent woman – more than I expected to get from hanging a picture!


Hammer and nails in hand, I didn’t just stop at one – I was a liberated woman now – I kept going until I hung five pictures. It felt powerful.

L-r, 1st row – Mauritius, Capri, Paris
2nd row – Budapest, lovely pair of paintings by James and Kat, Capri

I’m so pleased with the results, it brings me such joy and satisfaction seeing it. I enjoyed this new thing so much and unexpectedly got to discover something about myself too – I’m not going to wait for my husband to do home improvements any more.

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