Day 32 – Volleyball

It’s sports time again! Before this challenge was conceived, my husband and I had decided to try and see all of Frankfurt’s sports teams. Today’s adventure took us to see the local volleyball team.

Volleyball is not a sport I’ve ever been particularly drawn towards, but a friend had been and loved it so I had high hopes. I had seen the local basketball team in the same arena and had a brilliant time, but from the moment we arrived today, we realised this was going to be a very different experience. Watching the basketball had been amazing: the arena was full of people, the action was non-stop, and the atmosphere was electric. It was clear however that the volleyball was nowhere near as popular – the arena was around half-full and we were sat on a row with nobody else around us. Not a good start.

United Volleys Frankfurt vs. VfB Friedrichshafen

The spirit was not lacking though: there were constant co-ordinated cheers, drums, music between points, and a hearty away crowd. It really was fun, and I can imagine if the arena were a little fuller it would have felt more exciting. The only real downside was the sport itself. I found that points were over far too quickly: even if there was an exciting rally it was soon over. It lacked all the drama of a thrilling sports event for me, and although I obviously appreciate the athleticism of the players, I can’t see me watching it again. It’s a shame, as they were one of the few sports teams we’ve seen that actually won!

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