Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Yesterday I mentioned about food waste, and what I’m trying to do to reduce it in my house. It’s not easy and I’m certainly no angel, but I reckon it’s better to do something when I can rather than nothing at all. So today, I used my leftover citrus bits (orange rinds, squeezed lemon halves, lime peel) that I’ve been collecting in the freezer for the past few weeks, and made a natural cleaner. Or hopefully did – I’ll find out in two weeks.

Even though I, along with three million other people, follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram, I am not a natural cleaner (ho ho). I like to use them where I can though: our place isn’t huge and I don’t like the idea of filling it with chemicals. So, when I was researching about ways to reduce food waste, I found that you can make your own cleaner concentrate with leftover lemon peels and distilled vinegar, so I gave it a go to try it. I’m hoping the lemon will cancel out the vinegar smell, but I know my mum has been cleaning with vinegar for years so I’m confident it will work.

It doesn’t look pretty, I know.

Yes, today’s new thing is as simple as that. I’ve no idea if it’ll turn out – I have to check it in two weeks and find out. Hey, I’m just glad I was organised and planned something, I can probably class that as something new too.

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