Day 29 – Exercising on my own

So once again, I found myself with nothing organised for the day. Sound familiar? I know, it’s annoying the hell out of me too. In fact, so much so that I sat down and made a plan for the week ahead, so you hopefully shouldn’t have to read that sentence again. For today however, I was left trying to make something new happen from what I already had planned and considering my plans consisted of cleaning the house, and going to tai chi (yes I’m going back!) it was clear what the option would be.

Image by franciscojcesar from Pixabay

The first time I went to tai chi I had gone with a friend, meaning we could struggle through together and smile at some more eccentric classmates (they were wearing 80s style legwarmers!). This week, for the first time ever, I was going it alone.

I’m fortunately one of those people that is quite happy in her own company, and I have no problem going to the cinema, eating out, or travelling on my own. An exercise class, however, is totally unheard of! I like the buffer of having a friend there, someone to talk to during the down time, someone to share a conspiratorial smile with.

It felt so awkward on my own. There was a fair amount of people who knew each other, but also some new, individual people like myself. I’d love to be able to say I was inspired by this challenge and started chatting to another solo person there, but I can’t. I kept myself to myself and stood uncomfortably at the back. Not my finest hour, but the most important thing for me is that I went and did it on my own. That’s the other thing about going solo, it’s so much easier to talk yourself out of it if you haven’t got somebody relying on you to turn up.

I will go back next week as I still want to continue learning tai chi, and this time I’m going to make the effort to speak to somebody.

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