Day 27 – Austria

A day full of travel today so not many new opportunities, fortunately, I got to change trains in and travel through a country I’ve never been to before: Austria. Also, as discussed, I really like train travel, so today I was putting it to the test by doing my longest day-time journey – 11 hours.

Budapest Keleti station

My journey started in Budapest Keleti where I boarded a comfy train for roughly 3 hours to Vienna Miedling. After I booked it I was absolutely kicking myself for not staying a night in Vienna – I didn’t have anything to rush back for, and I would love to see the city. Alas, as I am cheap and wanted to spend as little as possible, my ticket was non-refundable. Instead, I had to step outside and explore in my 50 minute transfer time.

Now, Vienna Miedling isn’t a big station, and in my short time there I didn’t think it looked like it was in the most picturesque part of Vienna, but I did get to see an old tram and some nice buildings in the background. So close yet so far! I’m still taking it as a visit to Vienna though…

So my sight-seeing was a bit of a bust, but during my 7-hour journey back to Frankfurt I got to see more of what Austria had to offer. I unfortunately don’t have pictures to share, but trust me when I say, seeing the landscape fly by as the sun sets, passing toy towns with mountains in the background, it made the whole journey worthwhile.

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