Day 26 – Baths in the cold

Our last full day in Budapest, and after all the food and walking yesterday, we decided to have a bit more of a leisurely start to the day: visiting the famous Gellert thermal baths.

I’ve been here before, but I was confident my mum and sister would love it and they certainly weren’t disappointed. From the impressively grand foyer to the art nouveau hot baths, it felt like such a treat – my sister was so relaxed she booked a last-minute massage too!

Not the best picture, but this is only part of the beautiful foyer.

Last time I came here it was in the middle of summer, which was perfect weather for enjoying the sauna and outside swimming pool. This time, it was below freezing. However, in the spirit of trying something new (and just being a bit daft) I decided to brave the icy nip in order to luxuriate in the toasty 36C thermal bath. Although the walk up to the bath was short, it felt like a lifetime to get there, running over the bitterly cold stone pathway with no shoes and just a swimming costume. Once I dipped my (freezing) toes into the bath, I forgot all about it. It was definitely a bit strange having a warm body whilst simultaneously feeling the cold on my head, but I’m glad I went out and did it. I also dipped in the outdoor plunge pool after a hot Finnish sauna too, so I’ve now either got an amazing immune system, or I’m going to come down with a cold any time soon…

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