Day 20 – Sweet vegan

After a very busy past few days, I hadn’t set any time aside to plan any new things, so it wasn’t until I’d ran out of time to make a candle (guess what tomorrow’s new thing is) that I decided to claim this as today’s conquest.

One of my favourite things to do is look at recipes. I adore trawling through cookbooks or food magazines to find new, delicious things to make. Discovering new food is one of my favourite past-times, eating it only more so. When I was in the UK I picked up a copy of Vegetarian Living magazine. As I don’t cook with meat any more thanks to watching the traumatic Okja a few years ago, I love looking through there for some tips. If you’re reading this with the memory of my bacon sandwiches and beef wellington from New Year’s Day, well, nobody’s perfect.

I found a recipe for a Brazil nut and flaxseed tart using some healthy-sounding ingredients that I thought might be interesting to try, such as blackstrap molasses…Ok, I realise this is getting a bit boring now, you get it, I made a tart that happened to be vegan.

The thing is, making the crust was great and really enjoyable, but as soon as I added the runny filling it spilt over the edges and went everywhere. All over the floor, my slippers, my beautiful jumper, and I couldn’t stop it! I tried setting it down in the fridge on top of a tea towel. One ruined tea towel later I put it on top of another baking tray and let it drip away into that. Fast forward to trying the tart, and it actually tasted amazing, even with half the filling it should have done.

It doesn’t look the greatest but it tasted good. I already made my good looking cake, I don’t need to make another just yet!

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