Day 19 – More dog things

Last night we looked after our doggo friend so we could observe how she is in the house without us, in preparation for her staying longer next month. Waking up to Sascha licking my face isn’t new, but she did serve as excellent inspiration for today’s new thing.

As my friend was coming round to pick up Sascha, we invited her for dinner too. With James busy in the kitchen, Sascha pooped from all the excitement, we decided to distract our rumbling stomachs (the smells coming from the kitchen were a-mazing) by making a mini Sascha-sculpture.

I’d picked up some air-drying clay from a craft shop the other day, with the intention of making a rugged little bowl or something. I would love to do a pottery class (I’ve added it to my list), but I’ve never actually used clay in any capacity before. Something new! Normally I’d tell you all this to lower your expectations, but as you can see, I’ve knocked it out of the park.

You’ve likely seen my stick man by now, this is a huge win for me! Very proud of this.

Incredibly fun to work with, I surprised myself (and everyone else) by actually making something that resembles a dog. It doesn’t really look like Sascha, but I’m being my own cheerleader and taking a win where I can get it. I have loads of clay left, so expect to see a rugged little bowl someday soon.

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