Day 18 – Stranger things

A very quick and simple new thing today, done after a beautiful evening with a beautiful friend.

After a good run of actually planning my new things, I’d left this evening open in order to see what new things the night would offer us. I was sat with my friend, drinking the most delicious and incredibly potent wine in a lovely, hidden away bar filled with a cool, young crowd (which we were naturally a part of). A girl standing in front of me with the most beautiful green dress caught my eye. The dress was a beautiful jewel green, in a 1940s style shape with a pleated skirt. It looked amazing.

Image from

And so, as we were leaving, and emboldened by the wine, I decided to tell her in German how nice it was. She reacted positively which means my wine-German was passable, and with that, I realised I’d never actually complimented a stranger in here before despite living here for nearly 8 years.

Honestly, what was I waiting for? I’m writing this a few days after the fact, and since that night I’ve complimented a few different people on their outfits. They all reacted like I’d made their day and that gave me such a warm feeling. I always thought I was the type of woman who would acknowledge when someone else’s outfit looked great, but it took until now to realise it wasn’t actually part of my repertoire. I’m sad and disappointed it took me so long and I had to make a conscious effort to do it, but now I’ve started I won’t be stopping any time soon. By the way, you look great today, I love what you’ve done with your hair.

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