Day 17 – Ice hockey

I love watching sport, with a few exceptions: golf, snooker, and formula one. I’m not sure why, maybe they take too long? Regardless, there is little I won’t watch, and after having a blast watching the local basketball and football teams a couple of times, we decided to try and see all the local sports teams. First up: ice hockey.

Not knowing anything about the sport we booked the cheapest standing tickets, so we weren’t losing out if it wasn’t for us. This was our first mistake. It seemed like far, far too many people had had the same idea: it was like being at a concert. Ducking and weaving trying to see the action through the gaps between peoples heads.


We ended up walking around most of the stadium to find a vantage point and ended up missing most of the first period. Once we finally saw enough of the event we’d paid money to see (honestly, so ridiculous) it was actually amazing. The atmosphere was electric and the games were so exciting. Despite it all, I would go again, but maybe I’ll shell out for seats next time!

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