Day 13 – Bookmark

I have always wanted to knit but never had the patience. It must feel amazing to be able to whip up a jumper or a pair of socks. I have tried to crack this wooly nut for a while. I honestly was making James a scarf for two years and it never got any longer, until I switched to crochet and I knocked out in a month.

After visiting my mother-in-law over Christmas, and seeing her switch from crochet to knitting, I thought it was time to try again. A bookmark seemed like a nice and easy way to get into it, and it was something I’d never made before. Well, this bloody thing took me 3 hours, is all sorts of wonky, and has a few extra random stitches for some reason, but I begrudgingly did it!

The offending article. I put it in a book an attempt for it to look more bookmark-esque.

It’s interesting as part of the reason I’m trying all these new things is to try and discover new hobbies and interests, things I’d like to continue doing. I can confidently say I will not be pursuing knitting again.

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