Day 12 – Record breaker?

A fun one today! I was uncharacteristically organised and actually planned to do this one as it was simple, and I didn’t have to leave the house on one of my sacred lazy Sundays. Today, I wanted to be a world record breaker!

I think for everyone there’s a bit of allure to being a world record holder, especially if, as a child, you saw a certain British TV programme hosted by Roy Castle. I’m never going to break a world record for my athletic ability, but I’m sure I could have a crack at one of the stupid ones. For today’s challenge the records attempted need to be simple enough I could do it at home, and silly enough that I thought I could be in with a chance. I watched this YouTube video for some inspiration.

First up, the simplest of the two – drinking 500ml of water from a clear bottle or glass as quickly as possible. I chose this one as I was really thirsty at the time so thought I might be able to get close. The record was 2.5 seconds, and I managed it in…10. So close. At least my thirst was quenched.

The next one was deceptively simple but not as easy as it first appeared – unravel a toilet roll with one hand as quick as possible. I did actually have video evidence of this one, you know, just in case I actually broke the record, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like it. You’re not alone there mate. Long story short, it didn’t go my way. I did it in 28.7 seconds which wasn’t bad when we originally thought the record was 24 seconds. Turns out it was actually around 9 seconds. Never mind, this was the closest I’d got to consciously breaking a record, the only downside was putting all that unravelled and twisted toilet paper back on the roll. I will try again!

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