Day 11 – Markets

Today I thought I had done two new things: bought something from a flea market, and shopped at the farmer’s market, but I’ve just realised I have done the first one before. Being creative types in our thirties, we, of course, have a record player, therefore I’ve picked up quite a few records from the big flea market by the river here in Frankfurt. Ok, but I’ve never bought anything for the home from there, which is what I actually did. Are we still counting it? Regardless, I bought a table lamp.

We’re trying to be more sustainable, so I want to buy second hand or local (or both) where I can, hence the flea market trip. I settled on a lovely wooden and gold stand, however, it came with a shade so ugly it was offensive. In my something new quest, I’m going to make the best of the situation and try and make a new lampshade cover one day in the future, which the internet tells me is quite easy. Hey if not, you’ll see it on a Pinterest Fail blog.

a wooden lamp stand with brown lampshade frame.
I ripped the shade cover as soon as possible to spare anybody else that horror.

Something I’m surprised I’ve not done before is shop at the farmer’s market. I used to do it a lot when we were in the UK, but I suppose I’ve always been a bit intimidated here – I’m not sure why as my German is more than good enough to navigate it. Anyway, in trying to do my bit to save the planet, and eat the most delicious food, I’m aiming to eat seasonal and local as much as possible. I default to the same vegetables most of the time, so it’s nice to step outside of the comfort zone and try some different types. I know this isn’t the most thrilling of topics, but I can’t peel an orange in one go every day. We bought a butternut squash, celeriac, parsnips, brussel sprouts, and a leek and it came to €15. It was way more expensive than I anticipated, and I spent the rest of the day justifying it, but ultimately I would do it again as the veggies were fresh, straight from the farmer and in season.

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