Day 10 – Birthday cake

Although I love baking and cooking, the presentation has never been my strong suit – I firmly belong to the ‘rustic’ school of food preparation. Knowing how to knock up a cake at short notice, I was tasked with making a birthday cake, something I wanted to put a little extra effort in.

I made a simple sponge cake and covered it in chocolate buttercream. Then, the magic – I covered the whole thing in Malteasers. I have to say I was a bit of a genius for thinking of this, as it looked awesome with very little effort. To be clear, I’m not claiming I invented this way of decorating a cake, just stole it to maximum effect.

chocolate birthday cake, covered in round chocolate Malteasers with three lit candles on top.

I was really proud of this, it tasted amazing if I do say so myself, but most importantly the birthday boy loved it! It’s almost as if decorating a cake nicely made it taste nicer and I didn’t immediately feel embarrassed at it’s appearance! I’m going to try and keep this in mind for any future bakes this year.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Birthday cake”

  1. […] This is where I admit I did not follow the instructions to the letter. As I knew I was only making it for myself, I wasn’t too concerned with ironing the fabric or measuring it too precisely. Despite this, I still managed to make it look vaguely presentable – a massive win for me as presentation is not my strong point! […]


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