Day 9 – Swan serviette

A busy, busy, day and a friend’s surplus of serviettes led me to this creative little endeavour. With little time to do much on my list, I had to improvise to whatever was available within my friend’s four walls. Thankfully, she had tried to give me some of her excess serviettes, of which I declined, earlier in the evening, which sparked this idea.

So a gulp of wine (is there too much alcohol in these stories? Add that to my TV worries from yesterday), and a Youtube video from an Italian waiter later and we had both successfully and proudly made swans out of two serviettes. Unfortunately for my friend, I didn’t want to make any more and she still has her serviette surplus.

The fancy restaurants will be forming a line out of my door to take advantage of my talents, just you wait.

This story doesn’t end there however, the next day I was showing off to another friend about how I achieved this first time trying it, when she asked me to repeat it. Right there in front of her. Well let’s just say this sequel was a bit of a flop. That’ll teach me!

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