Day 9 – Swan serviette

A busy, busy, day and a friend’s surplus of serviettes led me to this creative endeavour. With little time to do much on my list, I had to improvise to whatever was available within my friend’s four walls. Thankfully, she had tried to offload some of her excess serviettes on me earlier in the evening, which sparked this idea.

So after a gulp or two of wine, we followed the below video from an Italian waiter and proudly and successfully made swans out of two serviettes.

Unfortunately for my friend, I didn’t want to make any more and she still has her serviette surplus!

The fancy restaurants will be forming a line out of my door to take advantage of my talents, just you wait.

This story doesn’t end there however, the next day I was confidently showing off to another friend about how I achieved the serviette swan on my first attempt when she asked me to repeat it. Right there, in front of her. Well let’s just say this sequel was a bit of a flop, and I absolutely mean that in the literal sense!

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