Day 8 – Follow the signs

I have always wanted to learn sign language, and came close a number of times but never quite succeeded. I’m not sure of the reason behind this, maybe it’s my early love of ER and Dr Benton signing to his deaf son Reece, or maybe it’s Marlee Martin being a badass in anything she’s been in (maybe I just watch too much TV? Something to explore another day). Either way, I think it’s a valuable thing to learn to be an inclusive member of society.

I also wanted to learn some more Italian which isn’t new, and therefore not part of the list, but this brought me to Udemy, an online teaching site, which happened to have 90% off most of its classes. Whilst booking my Italian class, I came across a British Sign Language one for €9.99. I would probably have spent that on a book, so I snapped it up and what a treat it is. The woman teaching it is so warm and friendly, it really is a dose of joy clicking on one of the short videos.

So you can practice signing your own name
Image from Sign Language Forum

So through this course today I have learnt the BSL alphabet, numbers, and some introductory questions: what’s your name, how old are you etc. I am over the moon I’ve managed to finally learn some, and can’t wait to continue to learn more. This is a new thing that I am so excited about having done, and look forward to continuing with, it really makes the whole thing worth it.

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