Day 4 – Martini with a twist

I’m so happy I finally learned how to do this, it’s so simple and effective and makes me feel seriously classy.

I love a vodka martini. So dry, so cool, so easy to make – I’m practically James Bond at this point! I normally forego the traditional olive for a lemon slice, but today I decided to zhush it up a bit with a lemon twist, and yes, I had to check how to spell zhush.

Martini with lemon twist and cocktail umberella
Not my actual martini, but one James made last year. My inspiration.

You basically take a slice of lemon, cut into one side of the peel, and cut around the fruit and pulp until you have one long section of peel. Then twist. It’s that simple. Now I’ve revealed the trick it doesn’t seem as magical does it? It definitely makes me feel a little less like I’m drinking a martini in my (very nice) pyjamas as I watch another Mad Men episode on the sofa, and more like I’m at a cocktail bar with Mr Don Draper himself. Ok, it’s maybe not that life-changing but it undoubtedly classed up the joint.

As for the waste, I’m keeping a bag in the freezer with any citrus offcuts and have big plans to use them for a future new thing!

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