Day 3 – Trousers, no hands

So I desperately need to get more organised, as today’s idea is so ridiculous. But, it definitely brought a bit of fun and excitement to my day, so it ticked the boxes that day 1 and day 2 didn’t.

Today I was inspired by this cool dude –

Yes, today, I decided to try putting my trousers on without using my hands. Let me tell you, this was hard. I used pyjama bottoms and managed to get them up to just under my bum within a few minutes, then spent a further 15 minutes trying to get them further to no avail. Cue jokes about junk and trunks and lovely lady lumps. I wish I looked as graceful as my main man above doing it, all I can say is, thank god there is no video evidence.

10/10 would try this again. Maybe with jeans next time? I don’t know why I think that’ll be easier, but I’m going to enjoy finding out.

P.S. This is hilarious to watch, try to convince anyone who doesn’t mind you seeing them in their pants to do it.

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