Day 2 – Ate Wensleydale

Well, aren’t you glad you’re following me on this roller coaster ride? Eating new cheeses is exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted a bit of adventure every day. Today’s new thing came around after a day of travelling, and being too tired to think of much else.

The Wensleydale found it’s way across Europe with us thanks to some last-minute cheese shopping before we left the UK. Inspired by a multi-buy offer in a supermarket, and knowing we’d be tired after travelling all day, I planned on a simple yet indulgent cheese, chutney, and a breadboard. Just call me Nigella, I know. In hindsight, all the Wallace and Gromit I saw over the Christmas holidays may have made more of an impact than I thought.

A picture of Wallace and Gromit about to eat cheese on crackers.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a cheese lover, I sway towards the chocolate side of things, but I’ve discovered how tasty chutneys can be and apparently it’s not socially acceptable to just take a spoon to a jar without a wedge of cheese in hand, so I’m willing to try a few different chutney vehicles! The Wensleydale itself was mild and crumbly and surprisingly delicious: a really lovely, easy something new for a long day. With that being said, must try harder in future.

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