New Things

New Year, new me/new start/new life – all big cliches for this time of year, and despite the title of this blog, everything I’m trying to avoid. The concept is simple: a new thing, every day, for 366 days. My aim isn’t to be a different person by the end of the year, merely to have some new experiences, and bring a little excitement and adventure to each day.

Last year was also meant to be a year for new things. 2018 brought more downs than ups, so I had high hopes for 2019. It certainly delivered change, just not in the way I was expecting. You can go to the About Me section for the full story, but the quick version is, me, The Big C, various operations, and chemotherapy (it sounds like a song). After thankfully getting the all-clear in November, life has, without me realising, begun to look a little different. As much as I am rolling my eyes at myself for typing it, I realised I need to make a bit more of each day, and oh god, enjoy the little things in life. It’s true! I am a bona fide cancer cliche, but why not? The past few years have shown me that there are bigger things to worry about than if a neighbour was rude to me (it’s Germany, it’s a given), or my bus was late.

So with this newfound appreciation, why not try and make the most of it, and have a little adventure each day?

Sunrise in Fuerteventura, November 2019
Sunrise in Fuerteventura, November 2019

6 thoughts on “New Things”

  1. Don’t remember now how I stumbled onto your blog. But I am glad I did. Love to read about people experiencing new things be it big or small. And congrats on being cancer free. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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