Day 1 – Beef Wellington

New Year’s Day. The time for new beginnings and new challenges. Well maybe after the bacon I specifically went out for and feel exceptionally guilty for eating and enjoying (bad vegetarian). A run! Yes, running for the first time in a year felt really good. Virtuous after that guilt-bacon. Wasn’t there something else I was meant to be doing? Oh family walk, yes let’s go enjoy the fading sunshine. Wow, a run and a walk in one day, I’m really crushing this new year already, too bad I didn’t make any resolutions. Oh. Oh, yeah.

Somewhere in North-West England, January 1st 2020

Day 1 and I had forgotten my challenge for the year already. I hadn’t planned to do anything, it hadn’t even crossed my mind during most of the day, not until I got home from the above-mentioned walk. Time was running out (this will be a recurring theme) and I had to grasp something, so my brother-in-law’s beef wellington it was!

No, that’s not a euphemism. My sister’s partner had made beef wellington from scratch for the whole family, without having made it before. He had put more effort into my challenge than I had! Although I like beef on rare occasions (I’m mostly veggie. Mostly), I’d never tried beef wellington due to mushrooms being my all-time number one food nemesis. When I saw how much effort Liam had put into it, and how delicious it smelled, I was willing to scrape away those mushrooms to try it. Except I didn’t. Every mouthful was heavenly, I even enjoyed those cursed mushrooms. Pastry, beef, mushrooms, ham, oh it was indulgent and delicious, and I had my something new for the day.

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