Day 190 – Philosophy Basics

So today's new thing was a pretty big one, but one I've been looking forward to. I was interested in learning some philosophical arguments and theories, and learning how to look at the world differently. For such a big topic I needed somebody to break it down for me, and so I found a great… Continue reading Day 190 – Philosophy Basics

Day 189 – Masala Chai

Being British people always assume that I drink a lot of tea. Whilst I have a cupboard full of various herbal tea bags, I actually never drink traditional English black tea. I'm probably at risk of losing my passport over saying this, but I find it bland and unexciting: there's just nothing to it. That's… Continue reading Day 189 – Masala Chai

Day 188 – Scratch Art

For the past few weeks, I've been doing an adult paint-by-numbers. I find it really relaxing, especially when I have it all prescribed for me what colour I put where it means I can just switch off and paint. I guess it's the same reason that adult colouring books are so popular: guided creativity takes… Continue reading Day 188 – Scratch Art

Day 187 – Made a balloon

It's amazing the strange and random things you can pick up in a department store. I was idly wandering around in one a couple of weeks ago, enjoying being somewhere other than the four walls of my home, when I ended up in the kid's party section. Here there were party games, little decorations, and… Continue reading Day 187 – Made a balloon

Day 186 – Lemon Meringue

Oh boy, I have been waiting for this. This is one of the main reasons I signed up for the 8 week Puff the Bakery pastry course. I much prefer sharp and tart flavours over excessive sweetness, and will generally always drift towards anything lemon or lime flavoured. Lemon meringue is a top contender for… Continue reading Day 186 – Lemon Meringue

Day 185 – Testing my brain

So given I was convinced yesterday was the end of the week, I had been exhausted since Tuesday, and I have generally had the concentration of a goldfish, for some reason I decided today was the day to test my brain. Of course. I probably needed brain training first, but seeing as I've owned a… Continue reading Day 185 – Testing my brain

Day 184 – Weaving

This week has seemed like one of the longest weeks in history and I felt absolutely drained. My brain had given up sometime around lunchtime, so I decided to start the weekend early and spend my Friday afternoon watching Netflix. When I realised it was only Thursday, I knew I was in trouble. Today, my… Continue reading Day 184 – Weaving

Day 183 – DIY Reflexology

Yesterday I was tired and out of sorts. A string of sleepless nights had finally caught up with me, and my focus was purely on putting one foot in front of another to get me closer to bedtime. My planned new thing of learning some basic philosophy was definitely not going to cut it, instead,… Continue reading Day 183 – DIY Reflexology

Day 182 – Pen Spinning

When I think of pen spinning I think of a bored student in a maths lesson, or a worker stuck in a long, dry, meeting: a mindless activity the same as clicking a pen, or doodling in a notebook. I, therefore naively, thought that twirling a pen would be an easy and simple task that… Continue reading Day 182 – Pen Spinning

Day 181 – Observing Penguins

Over the past few weeks, I have done a couple of online volunteering projects that I've found through a great website called Zooniverse. I have transcribed African American soldiers records from the civil war, proofread books, and transcribed anti-slavery letters from 1870: there's quite a diverse selection of projects. Today I decided to support a… Continue reading Day 181 – Observing Penguins