Day 336 – Attempted the Splits

November was a busy month for me as not only did I write an actual book, I also learned to do the splits! Well, kind of. Photo by Gabby K on At the beginning of November, I mentioned to a friend that I'd like to try and do the splits. She decided to join… Continue reading Day 336 – Attempted the Splits

Day 335 – Wrote a Book

Well, this is one new thing I definitely did not see coming! Every year in November, NaNoWriMo a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month begins. The aim? To write 50,000 words (the equivalent of a completed novel) in the eleventh month of the year. I've known about this challenge for years but never felt confident enough to… Continue reading Day 335 – Wrote a Book

Day 334 – Sticky Toffee Pudding

I have been waiting to make this one since my early days of Puff School. A true British bake, sticky toffee pudding evokes many memories of cosy evenings sat by the fire at my parent's house. It was also the dessert at my wedding, so it really has special memories for me, and I'm amazed… Continue reading Day 334 – Sticky Toffee Pudding

Day 333 – Reading an Aura

I have done many amazing things this year that I never thought I'd actually do. It was around this time last year when I started conceiving the idea for my new thing everyday list, and I enjoyed dreaming of all sorts of things, big and small, that I could include. It's fair to say, that… Continue reading Day 333 – Reading an Aura

Day 332 – Homemade Afternoon Tea

I think a British afternoon tea (is there any other kind?) sometimes has mythical status with non-Brits. In a romanticised version of Britain, we're enjoying it every day, at least the scones and cup of tea, but in reality, it's something I've only had a handful of times in my life, and all in the… Continue reading Day 332 – Homemade Afternoon Tea

Day 331 – Opera Cake

This is the first bake from my Puff the Bakery course to nearly break me. I've made complex bakes before, the chocolate entremet from a couple of weeks ago being the most notable, but the opera cakes complex and multiple layers were a little too much to handle. Photo by Dima Valkov on The… Continue reading Day 331 – Opera Cake

Day 330 – Breakdancing

It's been a while since I tried a new exercise or dance class, but today I couldn't resist finally learning to breakdance. My local community fitness centre has been putting classes online again during this second lockdown, and as soon as I breakdancing pop up, I had to join in, even if it was meant… Continue reading Day 330 – Breakdancing

Day 329 – Made My Own Stamp

As much as I'd like to fill my last 5 weeks of new things doing the big and exciting things I hadn't got round to yet, some days are just too busy for anything other than an easy craft session. I'd spent today clearing and organising cupboards, and 8pm was here before I knew it.… Continue reading Day 329 – Made My Own Stamp

Day 328 – Play Your Cards Right

This post hails the return of the Zoom quiz! What was once a regular feature in my life earlier in the year, slowly dropped off as restrictions were lifted. Now, seeing as we're all trapped inside again, I decided to bring a little cheer to my nearest and dearest and invite them to play a… Continue reading Day 328 – Play Your Cards Right

Day 327 – Mastermind

No, I haven't applied for the long-running BBC game show, Mastermind, a show where you are asked very specific questions on your topic of choice (I think mine would be Mad Men), today's new thing was playing the board game of the same name. I've already trained my brain a bit recently with the Bletchley… Continue reading Day 327 – Mastermind